Published On:Friday, 27 July 2012

Hockey India said that all 11 hockey players of India would not try to hit the goal

Team Indian Hockey plans to adopt few new strategies like making short passes and only attacking field would hit the goal post of the opposition team

Only Center forward and his right and left colleagues will hit at goal post
In a major development, Hockey India confirmed that this time not all the hockey players of India would hit at the goal post of the opposition in the Olympics and only 3 players at front end would do this job.

"We are aware that India is popular for playing as all the 11 players try to hit hard to reach the goal post from their respective places. However, this time we plan to do something different. This time our defence side would supply passes to mid-field which eventually will supply them to attacking field. Attacking field will ensure the ball reaches the goal post. Earlier we were using strategy that who ever it would be from defence or mid field or attacking field all were trying to take ball themselves and tried to make a goal. This time we thought to have some collaborative efforts," said Michael Nobbs, Coach of Indian Hockey team. He was talking about team’s performance and efforts to India Satire correspondent.
He added "The team will also make passes shorter upto 5-10 feets from earlier strategy of making 50-60 meters long passes."
India's goalkeeper and Captain Bharat Chetri said "I will just try to save the goal and will not really interested in consuming energy to hit the ball hard almost 40 mtrs to score the goal by myself. This time I think I would like attacking field do such thankless job."

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