Published On:Friday, 27 July 2012

Kasab asked Indian Citizenship after completing over 3 and half years here

Afzal Guru plans to apply for Tihar Jail President Election this year
After spending over 3 years and almost to reach 4 th year, India's honorary guest Mohammed Ajmal Kasab submitted application for permanent Indian citizenship.  He requested to expedite the processes as it would help him to join politics or bollywood movies whenever he gets released from the jail.

"Actually, I know it requires 12 years to become the citizen of India on the basis of naturalization. But as I am already for 4 years here and now I don't want to move anywhere, then what is the issue for the government to consider me as an exceptional case," said Kasab. He also told India Satire correspondent that he has offers from Director Mahesh Bhatt for Jism 5 and Raaz 7 whenever he gets released from the jail.
Indian authorities confirmed that they had received a letter from Kasab and it is under the discussion.
"We have forwarded the letter to respective ministry which can consider it as exceptional issue. As it is Kasab will not be hanged by the government, and his predecessor Afzal Guru has been living here for over 10 years, what is the harm giving him citizenship of India," said the official with anonymity.
Meanwhile, Tihar Jail candidate approached jail authorities and submitted his participation for the elections of All India Jail Prisoners President.

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