Published On:Friday, 27 July 2012

Roger Federer will announce his retirement after London Olympics

Tennis giant says his fans are complaining on rising boredom in his game, looks like Boris Becker and Stephen Edberg
Tennis great Roger Federer said that he would retire immediately after London Olympics 2012, as his fans are complaining he became boring while hitting the ball with his racket and should choose something else as his career.

"Guys, one fan told me that I play like Boris Becker and Stephen Edberg were playing in their old days. Can you believe it? He compared with me buddies like Becker and Edberg rather than Sampras and Agassi. Tomorrow, I don't want to look a like Evan Landel whom his fans only had to push back out of the court. So I chose this option better to retire and join commentary box," said Roger Federer.
Roger Federer recently won his Wimbledon this year by defeating leading players (excl. Rafael Nadal).
Justifying his participation in London Olympics, he said "I am just comfortable on the grass courts and therefore I am here in London. So to my fans bear with me for some more time."

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