Published On:Monday, 17 September 2012

Breaking: Nitin Gadkari got heart attack on hearing Sushil Kumar Shinde's statement on coal block

Sushil Kumar Shinde warned weak hearted people to stay away from his jokes
BJP Senior Leader and President, Nitin Gadkari reported severe heart attack after a series of laughter on the statement of Sushil Kumar Shinde on coal block issue. Nitin Gadkari was admitted to nearby Municipal Hospital to get an urgent treatment.
"After listening to Shinde's statement that people would forget coal issue as like Bofors, Nitin Gadkari started laughing and laughing and a series of laughter a life time laugh and continuous laugh and laugh and which finally converted into heart attack," said source who was present when Nitin Gadkari was watching the news.
The source said that he tried to calm down the situation by talking on the various topics such as Digvijay Singh, Chidambaram, Rahul Gandhi, etc. However, nothing stopped his laughter and finally when Digvijay Singh making a serious face told media that Shinde made statement on false accusations made on Bofors and as like that on coal scam, they would forget created another ripple in the heart of Nitin Gadkari which bursted into another series of laughter taking him to ICU conditions.
Dr. Prakash Bhalla under whose he is in observation said "This Laughtoburst Cardio Disease (LCD) which is a lot similar to creating a gas in the stomach. This kind of heart attack is common to fat people. Initially but gradually laughing gas increases in the tummy to reach to heart and finally heart pump bursts and a serious heart attack comes to the patient. We are actually working on Nitinji but we recommend Congress Leaders to show some maturity, avoid satires and funny statements so that weak heart people like Nitin Gadkari can survive."
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According to Wockhardt Hospital sources, Nitin Gadkari's condition is stable and Doctors advised him to stop watching news channels and particularly Sushil Kumar Shinde and Digvijay Singh's statements.
While India Satire Correspondent reached Sushil Kumar Shinde for his comment on Gadkari's health, he said that right now he is not in a mood to make any funny statement. Still after continuous persuasion, he said "I like making funny and stupid statement. So I would advise the weak hearted people to stay away from me. See what happened to Jaya Bachchan she is still in proper health despite I taunted her in so much of funny way."

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