Published On:Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Breaking: US President Barack Obama holds Ahmedinejad by his collar and punched him and pushed backward


When media came both acted as they were boyfriends, hugged and kissed each other

Reacting to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad claims that a new world order needs to emerge, away from years of American "bullying" and domination, US President hold him by his collar punched him strongly on his face and pushed him backward towards the gate of the lobby of UN General Assembly's Conference where he was hiding and making bizarre statements. However, after media came both of them hugged and kissed each other as like they were two boyfriends met after a long time.

According to sources, Obama's sharp eyes saw Ahmedinejad hiding behind the cactus kept near the lobby of the office, and mocking US President with strange actions. Obama who was already angered with his statement of bullying just pulled him out of the cactus and punched him pushed him backward and hold his collar and shouted abused strongly.

Onlookers said "Obama told Ahmadinejad that he should keep his fu*king mouth shut and let him win the elections otherwise he would just go and push him up and will apply Gandhiji's thought of intolerance. Obama also told Ahmadinejad that the US was a peace loving country and never bullies or dominates anybody else. He also said that never call this way otherwise he would tear him apart in thousand pieces."

Sources said that Obama looked quite frustrated on account of stupid Romney was 1% ahead of him in the estimates of poll results of US Presidential Elections and Ahmadinejad's statement would just push him behind in the country in which public like anybody in the world to pull down its President's legs.

Citizen who also votes, Robert Pears said "Both are idiots but we have to decide who is less stupid. If we think Romney is ahead then he is that much less idiot."

However, the whole saga just stopped there as media came to interrupt the great fight between US and Iran President.

Just when few reporters came, both of them calmed down and hugged each other and kissed too showing the real love and affection that they are really trying to reach.

India Satire Correspondent who was present there reported Obama saying - before becoming US President, Ahmadinejad was his boy friend and they had great chemistry in terms of sharing lovely moments.

He said "Even today Michelle hates Ahmadinejad for being my boy friend he he he. Here two ex-boy friends are meeting and not the US and Iran President. I am also planning to shift to Iran if that stupid wins."

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