Published On:Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Hina Rabbani Khar confirmed that motherly feeling is more exciting than sex


Scrapping all the allegations of an affair with Bilawal Bhutto, Hina Rabbani Khar confirmed that she considers him as her son and loves motherly feeling more than sex.

"Sex is a routine activity but the motherly feeling is 'wow'," said Pakistan's Foreign Minister, Hina Rabbani Khar.

She said talking exclusively to India Satire Correspondent "I love to be a mother of another kid but a bit or too much bigger than my two other kids whom I can fondle and caress with full of motherly nature. That what I believe is more exciting than this routine sexual activity. I think that loving small kids is a kind of bizarre activity while loving 24 year old son is quite kinky. I am enjoying that feeling."

Hina was very much open on the discussions over her relationship with Bilawal whom he considers require a caring mom in current scenario when his father is becoming more and more weird these days.

"He usually calls me any time talks me for hours on the phone. Openly discusses about his boy friend and girl friend that he never had in his life with his father and mother. He also talks if he could have girlfriend looked like me he never had chosen any boyfriend. That kind of boo effect you will never get from son with 5 year old. Therefore, I decided to adopt Bilawal as my son," Hina added.

When India Satire Correspondent asked the reports that Pakistan President caught both of them in the compromising position, she said "That was actually what I was teaching how to face the most important part of life. That is called sex. He is a very young guy and never knew such important thing before he met me. It was genuinely trying him to understand what exactly the taboo is. I believe even Asif had no problem with that when we explained him everything. Otherwise he could have got heart attack. Look at that old man's age."

Sources said Hina's husband Firoze Gulzar who asked for the phone details was also convinced with the relations of mom-son duo.

Firoze said "I actually gone through all the phone details and found that there was nothing heinous between these two pals. Bilawal used to call Hina as mumma and she used to call him bachcha or beta. However, I had only one objection that why did they use to make ummmmmmmmaaaaahhhh and ummmmmmm sounds."

Firoze, however, confirmed that he was not really keen on to adopt Bilawal as his son and would not tolerate any nonsensical demand from Hina.

Talking to India Satire Correspondent Bilawal Bhutto said "I am really happy that I am going to be out of a useless Papa's shelter. He is damn irritating and stupid. He usually farts and makes stupid noise. You can say he is so boring. I want to stay with my mumma."

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