Published On:Tuesday, 25 September 2012

That 'Foreign Hand' which tried to malign Rahul Gandhi's image came from Italy

CBI identified the actual hand was Italian 'Aunty Agostina' who secretly crushed for Rahul Gandhi
After identifying the 'Foreign Hand' behind tarnishing Rahul Gandhi's image as a rapist, abductor etc. etc., CBI also traced the person who actually did that sin.
"Boss, it was shocking when we started tracing the actual hand behind this conspiracy. We had to take help of RAW Agent Vinod who finally traced that the hand came from Italy and found that a girl aged 76 years named 'Agostina Adolfo Molinelli' was having secret having crush for Rahul Gandhi. However, when her friends made her realize that it was difficult her to marry Rahulji as there was a little age gap between two (he was young leader and she was actually middle aged) which she took as an abuse to her and planned such conspiracy. She along with many other aunties beyond 50 odd years who also had crush for Rahulji then came on to Facebook and Twitter Groups then spread such rumours that Rahul Baba was rapist," said CBI Chief A.P. Singh.
While the controversy was stirring the underground economy of Facebook and Twitter, CBI's explanation that it was 'Foreign Hand' pulled out all the air out of the entire topic.
Delhi based Ankita Sharma, who was still single at the age of 56 said "I never believe such kuchi-pu looking buttery face Rahul Baba could have raped anybody. He is soooo sweet.... ooooommmmmm... I always used to maKe his case strong across Facebook, Twitter and blogs."
She also asked Rahul Gandhi that now as he came clean from this controversy, he should consider marriage.
"I am single since last 30 odd years believing that he would somehow see me and would marry me. Now he has chance that he can definitely propose," said Ankita.
Survey suggested that many aunties and middle aged girls have dreams for Rahul Gandhi.
"Their blessings only saved him from such a nightmare. Rahul Baba would do nothing wrong. I myself have tested that," said Rahul Gandhi's mentor Digvijay Singh.

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