Published On:Wednesday, 3 October 2012

ABP News reporters expect that “Narendra Modi” will win only “2 seats” in Gujarat Elections

With lots of reforms lined up from Congress Party is well place to win elections with majority
ABP News which yesterday (Wednesday) covered story saying how the Congress Party is well placed to fight against Narendra Modi's Government in Gujarat expects that BJP will win only 2 seats in in the upcoming Gujarat Elections in December. The shocking revelation came after the channel took a detailed poll among its reporters, political analysts and experts after the completion of show called "Narendra Modi Mushkil Mein, Kya wo Congress Ko Gujarat me Jeetnese rok payenge". All of them had no doubts about the charisma of Sonia Gandhi that will work in favour of Congress and also upcoming flood of reforms in India will be a jelly on the ice-creame.
"All our reporters except 2 who expects BJP will win 2 seats, came to a consensus that Congress Party will win all the seats in Gujarat, riding on the reforms wave and confident Soniaji pushing Gujaratis towards development," said Arup Kumar Sarkar, Director of ABP Corp.
He stressed that poll was totally democratic and all journos, reporters and experts gave their independent opinion.
He said that a comprehensive vote was conducted wherein almost all the reporters came to a conclusion that after Soniaji's speech there was a drastic change in sentiments among Gujaratis and therefore that will work out for Congress Party.
He said "All of them were surprised by surprising stand taken by Sonia Gandhi by not targeting Narendra Modi and BJP Government instead. They were so surprised that she never called him 'Maut Ka Saudagar' aur something. So, all of them felt that this change in stand will work in favour of Congress party."
Reporters also came to conclusion that to expedite progress of all Gujaratis Congress will fast announce more reforms such as free meal to all Gujjus, Rs 1 lakh per month compensation to all farmers, free LPG, CNG and LNG cylinders for entire year, free cars & petrol, FDI in all 100 square feet kirana shops, free employment in State Government jobs with no need to study or education, a person with primary education will also get 2 lakh rupees per month and Rahul Gandhi as Chief Minister.
"With so many reforms including a great Chief Minister like Rahul Gandhi are lined up, Gujarati voters will definitely give Congress their votes in the upcoming elections," said ABP News journalist Charul Malik said.
According to sources, the Channel's reporters which had voted for 2 seats for Narendra Modi are expected to face inquiries from Channel, for going against democracy.

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