Published On:Saturday, 20 October 2012

Robert Vadra deliberately stopped himself from grabbing land in South Uganda


Media's constant inquiry what he does everyday led to slow policy decisions

Son-in-Law of India's first family, Robert Vadra stopped himself from illegally snatching the land in South Uganda, located in African continent, after he came to know that he was daily tracked by notorious Indian media.

"Hey dude, feels bad as illegal capture of land should be done in hidden manner and that is real popular notion. However, everyday media paparazzi are following me day and night creates serious set back and all the land grabbing exercises are on hold. Seriously, we found a good 1000 acre land in South Uganda but because of media's stupidity, decision on acquiring that land is on hold. I am really fed up with India's policy paralysis. All major corporate decisions get locked up by media's intervention," Robert Vadra expressed his concern to India Satire correspondent over media's consistent follow up on his daily schedules.

Media is running after Robert Vadra, who is Priyanka Gandhi's husband and Sonia Gandhi's son-in-law since IAC activist Arvind Kejriwal claimed that DLF gave special discount offer only to Vadra.

Vadra said "These guys are fu*king my brain since that Kejriwal produced evidences against me out of sheer jealousy of not getting discount vouchers from DLF. If I only got those discount vouchers then what is my mistake. Now this media is finding out illegal land in Rajasthan as well, which myself I forgot. Right now my interest is buying Uganda's land but because of media's continued focus on me just delayed the decision."

South Uganda's prices which were falling sharply for last 25 years, becuase of no one was interested in purchasing land suddenly sky rocketed overnight by 2000% when buzz was released that Robert Vadra showed his keen interest for illegally purchasing a piece of 1000 acres of land.

"First everybody in Uganda was thinking that the land they have is a crap. But when we came to know that some guy Robert Vadra from India was shown his keen interest in grabbing, looting the land in Uganda, we came to know the real worth of our land and prices suddenly surged by 2000%," said Makawa Mugambe, a land expert (recent innovative career in Uganda).

Till the time Kejriwal had to say anything about Vadra, prices were already rose by 25000 times, but since the name of Robert Vadra came into picture, the prices are subdued.

"We are keenly watching the developments. When media will stop circulating news about Vadra and he will position himself for grabbing land illegally here, we will again start increasing the prices," said Daniel L Fugabe, a popular real estate developer of South Uganda.

Daniel L Fugabe, popularly called as DLF in Uganda said "We also offered special concession of 80-90% to Mr. Vadra whenever he wants to purchase, land or flats in South Uganda."

However, overall developments irritated Vadra a lot, as pending decisions and rising land prices in Uganda just delayed all his decisions.

"I am damn exhausted from all these nasty things. I love grabbing land illegaly. That is my passion and kinky obsession. But because of this media and Kejriwal, all my hopes to add more and more illegal land is gone in vain," said Robert Vadra.

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