Published On:Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Candid chat with Ram Jethmalani on his awesome and fuckingly envious health


Ram Jethmalani who recently came into picture when he blasted on Nitin Gadkari, Ayodhya's Ram, Arun Jaitly and entire BJP has disclosed what is behind his great health which is envious to even a young Indian in a candid talk with India Satire Correspondent.

Talking about his health, Mr. Jethmalani who recently crossed 89 years said "What is in age? 89 is the age where I should start a political career. While talking about my fit body and strong mouth, I have done a lot of sacrifices. I have stopped drinking milk in the morning and shifted to white wine. I stopped having green vegetables and clearly made avaiable for all type of meaty food. Then every day I made sure that I would have at least 0.5 to 1 Surya Namaskar. I also practice shouting by using badass mouth in front of mirror to keep my mouth strong. I also use boxing gloves and hit the cushions hard. I jump 20 times and runs for 5 minutes daily. All this helped improved my health."

Does he take protein shakes to show his body in a great shape and look younger?

Ram Jethmalani said "No I never take protein shake. I just have cocktail of whisky, rum and beer."

So how does he manage the exercise in spite of such a long and hardworking schedule?

"What busy schedule? I am totally unemployed lawyer and no work than giving interviews. Managin 2-3 interviews daily is not that difficult job. Otherwise I am free," said Jethmalani.

But political aspirations at this age, isn't it some bit of exaggeration?

"Fuck! If Lalu (Lalkrishna Advani here and not Lalu Prasad Yadav) can dream becoming PM at this age then why not I aspire to become a great politician of India," said Jethmalani.

Tips for readers

Jethmalani said "Drink a lot, shout a lot and make yourself free of any bad words and let others decide whether they can tolerate you or not."

Daily Schedule


Before Breakfast

Day starts with white wine keeps tooth strong. He has forgotten when Jethmalani stopped using toothpaste and toothbrush.

"White wine is good for clearing stomach," said Jethmalani.


Eat Egg with Butter - Egg has Egg Protein and Butter has Milk Protein

"Good breakfast, I just put egg into butter and mix it well and eat it. 10 years back I used to eat raw eggs with butter when I had good tooth. Now-a-days I boil them and then mix with butter," said Jethmalani.


·         0.5 to 1 Push ups keep you healthy always

·         20 Jumps

·         5 minutes walk

"I don't get walk usually. Everyday car and car that sucks to your health. Try to walk for 5 minutes max. Don't be more than 5 minutes as it can put you in the league of masses," said Jethmalani.


Whatever embolden with great whisky syrup

Evening Exercise

·         Talks a lot at least move your jaw for 120 times in 5 minutes

·         Shout at 180 decibels range


Nothing much but mix of different varieties of cocktail

Favorite cocktails are

·         Whisky, Rum and Beer

·         Beer, Whisky and Milk

·         Mangola, Whisky and Rum

·         Beer, Fruity and Whisky

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