Published On:Friday, 23 November 2012

Nation asks question: Who controls CAG Government or BJP?


India started asking question as actually who controls Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG). While general perception was that CAG was independent body reporting to India's President and presents its report to Parliament, it changed drastically after ex-CAG Officer RP Singh's allegation and Sonia Gandhi's frustration.

After Congress Chief Sonia Gandhi's statement that the BJP stood exposed in terms of the role it had played in calculating loss figures on the 2G report the nation is now seriously started doubting about controller of CAG, whether it is President of India or UPA or BJP. Ramesh Sharma, a common man on the streets of India's some small town highlighted few points on the 2G saga:

  • If CAG is an independent agency then what is the harm if it listens to BJP and make some report
  • Why not both Kapil Sibal and CAG should allow to write reports? Only similar points should be allowed to qualify
  • Confusion is that whether Manish Tewari is a minister or party spokesperson. Or whether Information and Broadcasting Ministry is a PR agency of UPA, ah sorry Congress Party
  • To go to the root of the scam, first find out how much bill Murli Manohar Joshi pays through his mobile phone. Much can be discovered there.
  • Is Nitin Gadkari on the Board of CAG, Government should clarify that first
  • Neither we are going to get anything nor the government is going to loose anything then why rhetoric
  • Show us the money how much have collected after CAG report
  • Murli Manohar Joshi can clarify what dishes CAG head Vinod Rai like. First assumption is that Rai hates Pizza and Burger.
  • Sometimes public looks fool when it sees that 2G case is still to be resolved. Oh Bofors case is also still to be resolved, I believe.

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