Published On:Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Almost 98% bosses never listen to their colleagues - Survey

A survey conducted by one of the leading surveyors, Survey Monkey suggested that almost 98% bosses never ever listen to entire sentence of their subordinates and interfere in between to prove that they are more intelligent.

"As per our survey that we conducted last month, almost 98% of Indian bosses have never ever listen full sentence made by their junior colleague and continuously interfere in between," said Rajiv Dayal, Survey Manager at Survey Monkey.

Survey Monkey talked to 17562 employees from different organisation and with different backgrounds.

He said "We asked people from different sectors. They said that their bosses just suck. Whenever they try to finish their sentence, boss immediately imagines something go to conclusion in his brain and gives some kind of stupid response."

Few Indian doctors said that brains of bosses are designed in such a way that they instantly generate conclusion even before employee talks.

"We met many people be employees or bosses. We also researched 1000s of brains which only show that automatised process works in a regular boss brain. This process is out of imaginary conclusive scenario and oral communication syndrome (ICS&OCS). This virus generates automatised response before even employee starts talking and gives some answer," said Dr. Deepak Ahuja of Fortis Healthcare, Delhi.

He said "Brains with ICS&OCS are risky from social point of view as they irritate employees at a large. This syndrome is growing fast in India due to globalisation."

Ahuja told India Satire correspondent that before globalisation bosses didn't use to allow employees even saying a word.

One of the victims of this trend, Robert Pascal from Mumbai said "My boss is so irritating that he never allow me to complete whatever I want to say. That may be suggestion or clarification. Just 10% before completing the sentence he starts talking and shuts my mouth. I am now a high BP patient."

Rajiv Dayal explained the reason behind such an approach of bosses. He said "Generally, bosses tend to think themselves as only intelligent creatures in the world and they have only creativity. Look at my boss, Rajesh Mishra this bloody stupid man has zero understanding of any topic but want to talk on anything. How this idiot able to find out what I am supposed to talk is a mystery to me."

According to survey results, 26% bosses stop employees just before completion of 50% sentence and in total 98% stops them before completion of 80% of the sentence. According to experts, this is a gap on account of lack of intelligence and alertness. The percentage is reverse in developed countries like USA.

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