Published On:Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Asaram Bapu found asking his disciple when Poonam Pandey's movie Nasha is releasing

Controversial Baba and spiritual guru, Asaram Bapu raised another controversy after asking his disciple the date on which Poonam Pandey's debut movie 'Nasha' is releasing.

"He asked me when Behen Ponnamji's film Nasha is releasing. He personally wants to watch the movie to give her aashirwad," said Asaram Bapu's disciple Chirantan Swami.

Swami said "I was surprised when Bapuji asked me how is Behen Poonamji's movie Nasha's progress is going. He also asked me when the movie is going to be in the theatres and instructed me to book front row seats so that he can closely watch her and give all the blessings."

Yesterday only, Asaram Bapu triggered a controversy and outrage as he suggested that the Delhi gang-rape victim was equally responsible for the brutal crime and said the girl should have called her assailants "brothers" and begged them to stop. Asaram was slammed by Congress, BJP and women's rights activists for the insensitive remarks. Now after the news that he inquired the movie releasing dates of Nasha and calling Poonam as behenji also fueled the same rage among the activists.

National Commission for Women chief Mamata Sharma posed a question by asking him how he dare to call Poonam as Behenji.

"This is an insult to Poonam. He can't use such an abusive term 'behenji' on her. Poonam is making all the efforts to take Indian women in the level playing field with men, he can't dare talking such insulting word. He has to apologize," said Mamata Sharma.

While reaction from Poonam Pandey is yet to receive, email sent by India Satire correspondent to Asaram Bapu went unanswered.

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