Published On:Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Kamal Haasan plans all India torrent release of Vishwaroopam

According to India Satire sources in Tamil Nadu, Kamal Haasan plans all India torrent release for Vishwaroopam bypassing all the state, country laws and Censor Board. The director-actor will make a formal announcement if Supreme Court verdict comes against him.

"Kamal Appa is highly annoyed and totally devastated. He is planning to launch Vishwaroopam on torrent so all Indians can download it and watch at their homes," said a source close to Kamal Haasan.

He said "Appa is now just waiting for Supreme Court's decision. If it goes against movie, he will give all the rights to famous torrent sites Isohunt and Kickasstorrent companies restricted to Indians first and after 2 weeks would allow to world to watch the epic," said the source.

Experts said that Kamal Haasan's decision to release his movie through torrent will take the film industry to new levels. Few months back, Kamal Haasan announced DTH release of the movie two days before hitting theatres. However, after hunger strike from many distributors he had to change his idea. Now he will make a torrent release.

"This is a good idea. It would save time and money too. Downloading an mkv file with size of 1GB is easier and better option rather than yawning in theatre. Kamal Haasan would also be satisfied that his movie will be watched by few people in India," said Taran Adars, ace Bollywood Critic who gave 5 stars to Vishwaroop (Hindi Version of the film) before it released.

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