Published On:Thursday, 31 January 2013

Murder 3 is more idiotic than erotic - Mahesh Bhatt said with his hard biting teeth

Today India Satire asked me to talk about new release Murder 3, which I believe would create a history in the Bollywood on maintaining a striking consistency in giving idiotic movies to Indian audience.
Yes, I confirmed to my audience that they will get same but this time more idiotic than erotic drama to watch. I have made same movie under new name with new more B Grade caste.
There is logic in my every action, which not every common head understands. Behind selecting B and C grade actors is not just a low cost reason but I can find an animal, a hungry and lusty animal who is ever ready for sex but never gets in my movie. So what do these actors get? They get same thing what my fans get. I take my actors and audience to the edge where sex is a step away but nothing happens.
I love my audience, which know that my movies never show more sex scenes than what I show in promos as like comedy scenes in Sazid Khan and Rohit Shetty's movies, still they come to watch.
I attribute success of Puja Bhatt, Mohit Suri and Vikram Bhatt movies to the lack of creativity and height of stupidity on the part of audience. I am glad that my audience is ok with few leg showing and few kiss showing scenes.
Please note that I have never brought politics in India Pakistan relationship. However, for sometime Pakistani actors are available at high prices and I avoided selecting them for what I would like to apologies to my Indian audience. Next time I will select at least one of those.
Thank you for listening me. As I believe this time also I gave nothing to readers but just showing hard biting teeth as usual.

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