Published On:Friday, 22 February 2013

India will be terrorism free country in next 500 years - Manmohan Singh

India's Prime Minister promised country people that the UPA Government is committed to wipe out terrorism from India in next 500 years. In a press release issued by Prime Minister's Office (PMO) indicated that the UPA Government is serious in taking all the efforts towards ending terrorism from India and by next 500 years there would be no trace of terrorist in India.

"We are on the right path and 99% terror attacks have already been stopped. We expect that India will be 99.99% terror free in next 500 years," said Manmohan Singh in his statement.

He said "Right this time, yes right this time I promise UPA Government would fight against terrorist and in 2513 I commit that there will be no terrorist attack in India. I keep my words, note down in your diary. I said yes I said there will be no terror attack in 2513."

He said he was saddened by the blast news and immediately called security agencies to take steps against terrorism and also asked the deadline from these agencies which include IB, RAW and other internal and external security forces.

"I clearly asked them to tell me how much time they would take for vanishing all the terror attacks from India, as I am answerable to my countrymen. They said they are working on fast-track and all the agencies together promised removal of terror attacks by 2513. I told them 'Theek Hai!'" said Manmohan Singh

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