Published On:Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Mechanical Engineer completed his MBA in Finance, joins Bank as finance manager

Chennai based mechanical engineer Subbu Swamy joined India's prominent MNC Bank as a finance manager. Subbu Swamy recently completed his MBA in finance after finishing his studies of mechanical engineering in IIT. The structure is in line with the major shift that is witnessed in India leading to many engineers shifting their focus to banking industry.

"We are glad to appoint Subbu as our Finance Manager. We expect that he will give his best to deliver great results in studying financial accounts. We also expect him to use his expertise of mathematics to calculate difficult debit and credit figures of financial statements," said T Ranganathan, regional head of South division of Citi Bank.

Subbu Swamy was appointed after a rigorous checks and post understanding that he can easily complete the task of entering the data in Tally Software, famous for financial accounts.

Ranganathan said "We kept Subbu's brain with us for 1 entire week. Our experts checked it thoroughly and found that the brain is perfect mechanical creation. It can solve complicated problems like addition, deletion, multiplication and division. We shocked when the brain could solve problem like 1250x200 within 30 seconds. We immediately decided to take Subbu on bank's payroll."

Talking to India Satire correspondent on his successful entry in the finance career, Subbu said "That was the dream to work with Citi Bank as finance manager, I was watching since my childhood. Therefore, I completed my engineering first and converted my emotional brain into mechanical one. Thereafter, completing MBA in finance helped it to get nourished with complicated accounts and financial statements. My moulded brain easily started writing journal entries. Now after joining Citi I am really interested in joining CA."

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