Published On:Monday, 25 February 2013

Mentally retarded and inefficient Congress MP expects cabinet ministry after 2014 elections

A mentally retarded and inefficient Congress Member of Parliament expects one of the top positions in the cabinet ministry after 2014 elections. He said that he has all the qualities that will help him to claim best of the seats after 2014 General elections.

He said "My obsequious character is well known in the party. For 700 times in last one year I said that I could have died anytime Madamji or Rahul Baba had asked me. I also told our party members for 347 times in last 4 months that Rahul Baba is best suited for PM's job in all the party meetings. Though, earlier they used to ignore me, gradually they started taking the note of it and result is Baba appointed for the position of Congress Party. I have good experience of boot licking."

The said MP is famous for his flattering behavior in all the Congress Party members. His track record in terms of party worker meeting, responsible work for constituent members and use of funds for the benefits of people in his constituencies is unbelievably awesome. The MP has never visited his constituency in last 10 years.

"I never left Delhi for last 10 years and served Madamji and Rahul Baba as much as I could," said the MP.

He also confirmed that many other MPs are jealous with him as he was the top runner of the position like home ministry, external affairs ministry or even telecom and finance ministry.

"Currently my eyes are on how to groom up Baba for the job of PM's post. Madamji yesterday only told me that she was very happy with my serving nature and told me that if I am such a good with Gandhi family how much great I would serve to Indian people. Therefore, she told me that don't hurry up for minister's post right now as it is now only for one year. She told me that she would give the position after 2014 elections."

He said considering track record like Sushil Kumar Shinde was alloted with a great position of home ministry, he would also get similar responsible and important job.

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