Published On:Friday, 22 February 2013

People against death penalty, applied mercy plea in advance for Hyderabad blast terrorists

India's dominant community which is against death penalty to terrorists immediately filed mercy petition with President Pranab Mukherjee for terrorists who carried Hyderabad blast.

"This time we wanted to stay alert. We were waiting for some terror attack and as soon as that happened in Hyderabad we immediately filed a mercy plea with Pranabji," said an intellectual who is against death penalty with a condition of anonymity. The person represents India's rich Soft Hearted and Swift Life (SHSL) community.

He said "Pranabda was astonished to see our quick response and he said that it was very early and he can't take decision immediately. He also told us to be patient and wait terrorists to get captured by Andhra Police."

According to sources, any death penalty generally goes from rigorous filtering process like from district magistrate / Special Court to High Court judge and then Supreme Court finally confirms it. However, there is always a chance for the culprit to plea for mercy with President. Usually, President analyses the process and take some time of 5-20 years to make any decision.

"We know the process is long and terrorist get some time for peaceful life. However, we want him to live him his entire life peacefully. Somehow our actions against Afzal Guru and Ajmal Kasab's executions were a bit late. But now we don't want to wait and immediately filed the petition," said source from SHSL.

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