Published On:Thursday, 7 March 2013

Japanese company found searching for Indian problems to launch its product here

A Japanese company that deals through home shopping network found undertaking an extensive research in India to understand exact Indian problems so that it could launch its product.
"We understood that substantial chunk of Indians want to change their skin colour from black to white," said Nikomi Oshikama, CEO of Timoshi Corp which deals in FMCG products in Japan.
He said "Therefore, we plan to launch fairness cream in Indian market. We signed up Vivek Oberoi along with few nigros from Africa. We also plan to sign Pakistani actors as their craze is increasing in India."
Timoshi Corp is famous in Japan for supplying creams and moisturizer products to Japanese customers through home shopping network. However, it has no experience in fairness products, as Japanese are already fair. The company now wants to take the opportunity to ride on ever growing Indian demand.
Discussing about inexperience in fairness cream market, as Japanese are already fair, Oshikama said "We imported few nigros from Africa and coloured them with white cement to show how a black can become white."
He also told that the biggest substance of the company's cream is white cement which instantly converts black colour into white.
Oshikama announced "We are going to launch fairness product made from unique herbs in West Indies, Sri Lanka and Kenya. Japanese used those herbs in ancient times and they became fairer."
He said that the herbs are strong enough to convert the colour of the skin very fast according to a research conducted by steel firm in Japan.
Oshikama told reporters that they found 2-3 problems in India and will gradually tap all those.
"We are going to tap fairness related issues here. Thereafter, joint pain and then poverty problems," said Oshikama.
Timoshi Corp is planning to set up a JV with Haridwar based Sadhus to resolve Indian poverty related issues by offering Kuber's Mantra and Tantra.
Oshikama told reporters "I believe in Kuber. I really love him. Everyday I take blessings from him. He is the only source of all these ideas to me. I want to sell that whatever Kuber mantra and tantra to all my customers so that they would also become rich like me."

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