Published On:Friday, 12 April 2013

Indian Govt condemns Narendra Modi for not creating suicide friendly atmosphere for farmers

Indian Government issued a statement condemning Gujarat Chief Minister over not creating suicide friendly atmosphere for state farmers, as like Congress led states such as Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh.
"We condemn Gujarat Chief Minister for his loose handling on farmer suicide issue and ask him to re look his strategy. Performance of his government suggests that he has not worked in favour of farmers over the years and a very few suicides had been noted in the state," said Congress spokes person and part time minister Manish Tewari.
Tewari said that the Indian government has slammed a notice on Gujarat government seeking answer from state officials on why farmers were not enjoying suicides in bulk as like other developed states such as Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh.
"We are constantly observing situation in Gujarat. How can he allow suicide numbers to be so less? This is against the idea of creating more and more suicidal friendly atmosphere for the farmers," Tewari said.
According Crime Report 2011 released by National Crime Records bureau, Congress led states Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh and BJP led Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka created suicide friendly environment while big states like Gujarat remained backward.
Farmers suicide friendly states in India
Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar said "Development needs to be inclusive. While Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh are quoting good suicide numbers, other bigger states like Gujarat remains backwardIt is the duty of state authorities to improve the number very fast. Gujarat Govt has shown shameless approach over farmer issues by keeping themselves backward on suicide related subjects."
He also said that it was because him those Maharashtra farmers (his home state) are aware of killing themselves quite easily.
He said "They are very educated and aware people and frequently indulge in suicides just because state has created such a friendly environment. For Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh, we believe that BJP Govt is overestimating suicides."
According to Govt sources, most of the cabinet ministers of UPA were worried over the expectations that they would lose their position against Gujarat just because severe draught like situation last year. But that thing never took place.
"Thanks to Rahulji. He directly approached invisible power that drives decision in Modi's brain. That invisible power successfully led Modi to handle the situation in right way," said Manish Tewari.

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