Published On:Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Rise and fall of Ram Jethmalani

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) expelled its one of the most senior party leaders, Ram Jethmalani for six years for alleged "breach of discipline". The India Satire brings to you the rise and fall of Jethmalani.

Career Graph of Ram Jethmalani

Sept 14, 1923: Whole world lightened, God dropped flowers across the earth, fire crackers everywhere, as Ram Jethmalani born to be lawyer and politician

1941: Fulfilled the formality of taking lawyer's degree otherwise he was born lawyer

1942: Lost first case, accused hanged till death

1945: Lost fifth consecutive case, accused hanged till death

1947: Married two women, Ratna and Durga: first before independence and second after independence

1948: Honoured by Government of India for the most courageous person in India for marrying 2 women in same year

1955: Lost 17th consecutive case, the accused hanged till death

1965: Kicked on the ass of Mahesh for demanding lollypop

1971: Lost 37th consecutive case, this time the accused got life imprisonment, frustrated and depressed plans joining politics and change law

1971: Joined politics

1977: Human rights award for letting them demand for vanishing death penalties from India

1979: Lost 107th consecutive case, the accused received death penalty, he recently died naturally in Tihar jail

1985: Lost the second round of elections to Sunil Dutt; Lost 157th consecutive case the smuggler was hanged till death

1987: Lost 167th case, smuggler received death penalty, fled away for Dubai

1988: Ram became a member of the Rajya Sabha.

1992: Blamed God publicly for devilish behavior with him for giving two wives. On account of torture, he recorded slow movement of brain and loose functioning of ears

1996: Appointed as Law Minister by Vajpayee Govt. Changed the law to at least see one win in his life

1998: Jethmalani was the Union Minister of Urban Affairs and Employment for a temporary retirement from law profession

1999: Hopes never die, again joins as Minister for Law for a short period.

2005: Lost 278th case, accused received death penalty

2010: Decided to continue career in both the fields for next 50 years, after appointed as the President of the Supreme Court Bar Association

2012: Demanded resignation of Nitin Gadkari, after hurting in a party where Gadkari alone finished all Gulaab Jamuns

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