Published On:Thursday, 6 June 2013

Thousands of Indians died waiting for finalization of Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi’s names for PM candidature

More than thousand Indians declared dead last month due to heavy suffocation out of desperation over the announcement of final names of PM candidates for Congress and BJP. Sources said that these people were waiting for Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi's names to be announced for Prime Minister's post. Total death toll over last 12 months reached to 8751 due to this suffocation, according to official data.

 "It's heavy emotional flight Indians are facing in their internal organs," said a Senior BJP leader. He said that all the Indians are eagerly waiting for the senior leaders of BJP to take final decision on Modi and mark him as PM candidate.

According to a media house, people have stopped working and are keeping close eye on what is happening the political arena.

"They don't have any work. Just focusing on TV and watching our stupid news channels to know each and every minute information. They only want to hear Modi is PM candidate, Rahul is PM candidate," said the spokes person of a news channel.

"However, when they come to know that party is still not able to decide on making him election panel chief, they lost hopes and lost their lives out of suffocation due to desperation," said the leader requesting anonymity.

The situation is not different with Congress Party.  According the party leaders, many Indians lost their lives, waiting for Rahul Gandhi to put some larger role in the party and take responsibilities of PM.

"Yea that's true. Many Indians, mostly girls, aunties and old age women lost their lives waiting for Rahul Baba to announce himself as ready for PM's post. Many of them lost their lives after Dr. Manmohan Singh confirmed that he was ready for the job in next elections," said a senior leader of Congress Party.

"Now how much time we have to wait?" asked Sajiv Tiwari, UP based citizen who is currently on life support system.

He said "I already stopped working, waiting for Rahul Baba to take the responsibility on his shoulder. Now I can't breathe freely out of desperation for his name."

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