Published On:Monday, 8 July 2013

Digvijay Singh to start classes on ‘Secularism’

Senior leader and General Secretary of Congress Party, Digvijay Singh announced special coaching classes on secularism. The batches will be held in all Congress branches with special video lectures of Digvijay Singh, aired from Delhi. For Delhi students, Digvijay Singh will personally give coaching.

"I am upset with the rising Hindu Terrorism and RSS activities in India. I want young boys and girls to master the art of secularism and evaporate communal entities like BJP, RSS from the country. The classes will take care of the aspirants who want to excel in secularism," said Digvijay Singh.

According to sources, the course will help mass population in India to label themselves as secular. The content will be comprehensive enough for the students to convert any event in day to day life to communalism. Congress Party also promises job after completion of the two years of course.

"Vanishing BJP is not on my agenda, as it would not give us a comfort of playing communal politics. My focus will be on connecting various issues to communal mindsets of the country," said Digvijay Singh.

Singh said "We also offer students a job of sweeper in the house and office of the most secular minds of India, Soniaji and Rahul Baba."

Syllabus of 'Rajiv Gandhi Art of Secularism'

1.     Basics Of Secularism

2.     Accounting Of Communal Parties

3.     Identifying The Communities Entitled To Get Bashing

4.     Master The Art Of Bringing Non-Linearity Of Communal And Secular Parties

5.     Logic Behind Communalism

6.     Logic Behind Secularism

7.     Connecting Each-N-Every Event To Communal Politics

8.     Road To Development Through Secularism ONLY

9.     Case Study Of Communal Mindset – Narendra Modi

10.  Case Study Of Half Hearted Seculars – Mulayam Singh Yadav, Mayawati, CPM & CPI Activists

11.  Case Study Of Secular Power – Rahul Gandhi

12.  Special Event – Guest Lectures Of Sonia Gandhi And Rahul Gandhi

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