Published On:Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Hansie Cronje plans to return to earth as match fixing rates sky rocketed

Former South Africa Cricket Captain and banned cricketer in match fixing saga in early 2000s, Hansie Cronje is planning to return to earth from his current stay in hell. The captain said that current rates of match fixing are so lucrative and he can't wait now to grab the fastest growing pie.

"Boss just 1.2 crore rupees and fuck that too in rupees which is now worth like trash. Nobody is taking crap rupee from me here in the hell. You don't know how much degraded I feel these days. Even the supplementary guys like Sreesanth are getting good money then why the fuck I stay in the hell. I have applied for visa for earth and sooner or later I will be there in IPL," said Cronje in an exclusive interview to India Satire correspondent.

Cronje left his sinful body in 2002, after he was banned from Cricket for match fixing in 2000 just for paltry 1.2crore rupees. IPL, an official match fixing platform of BCCI did not exist that time. Cronje recently abused BCCI for backstabbing in the leading news paper from the hell 'The Hell Times Of India' (THTOI).

He said "BCCI backstabbed me. It invented proper match fixing process through IPL after my death. Are you aware how much money I lost?"

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