Published On:Wednesday, 31 July 2013

SP Tulsian lost 90% of his investment in the stock markets

India's leading analyst, economist and investment advisor SP Tulsian lost his 90% wealth in the stock markets. A sweeper who works at Tulsian's house has revealed this shocking news to India Satire correspondent.

"He actually lost 90% of his investments in the stock markets due to all stupid trades. Now-a-days, he behaves like a mentally fractured analyst behaves on the street because of this loss. We still can't believe that this was the same Tulsian who every now and then used to give us suggestions. Just because of his recommendations we made lakhs of rupees, simply by following his calls inversely," said the sweeper, Rakesh.

Tulsian has said to have followed his own stock calls while investing in the stock markets. He never relied on the calls given by other analysts.

"I rely only on my strength and that is picking up best stock ideas. Why would I go for some stupid analyst to suggest me invest in this company or exit from that? I never believe other analysts who usually misguide you," said SP Tulsian in an interview with India Satire, just 6 months back.

Rakesh said "Tulsian is still not aware that his calls actually work in inverse ratio. If he says buy one should exit and if he says sell one should enter with huge investment. He never used this formula which even sweeper like me knows very well."

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