Published On:Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Alfred Nobel recommends Rahul Gandhi’s name for Nobel Prize for Peace and Chemistry

Surprised by Rahul Gandhi's two unconventional comments, Alfred Nobel has personally recommended Rahul Gandhi's name for Nobel Prize for peace and chemistry. Nobel also asked authorities to change the name of Nobel Prize to Rajiv Gandhi Jeevan Mukti Award.

"Yesterday, I read Raul's statement that 'poverty is just a state of mind' and I was completely shocked. That was totally unbelievable; a guy is talking about reducing poverty in just a fraction of seconds which even great activists and philanthropists couldn't do in past thousands of years," said Alfred Nobel, in whose name Nobel Prize is distributed to great personalities of the world. Nobel was talking to India Satire correspondent from Heaven.

While Rahul Gandhi's statement that 'poverty is just a state of mind' drew flak from opposition parties, Alfred Nobel said that one should look at the statement with creative mind. He said that if everybody will stop complaining about poverty and said that it is just a state of mind then nobody will be poor.

"I think earth should take this statement with positive state of mind and campaign among all poor people about the power of self confidence and their weak state of mind," said Alfred Nobel.

Nobel also discussed on Rahul's another statement that 'costly medical facilities behind poverty'. He said "Prima-facie statement looks idiotic but if we closely interpret it, it has great meaning. See if you are poor you will never afford medical facilities and therefore if you don't afford medical facilities you are poor that is what he wanted to say. This is a great invention in Chemistry, Physics and Biology. See what he is talking about covers entire spectrum of Science, all the three streams.

Now if we correlate this statement with earlier one, we would get a deeper philosophical meaning as well. It says that if you think you are poor, which is a proven psychological disease you will require some psychiatric help to remove such disease from your mind. But psychiatrists are costly these days and therefore people who can't afford them remain poor by mind. I think it needs a man who understands deeper meaning from these precious words and not s0me stupid critic who calls people like Raul 'Pappu' and 'Buddhu'. I understood this meaning and therefore I wrote a letter to Nobel Prize committee to give all Nobel Prizes to Rahul Gandhi and stop using my name and change it to Rajiv Gandhi Jeevan Mukti Award."

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