Published On:Sunday, 11 August 2013

Brave Times Of India reporter enters Ahmedabad, clicked few photographs and wrote a story

In a bold attempt that will restore faith of people in Indian journalism, Times of India (TOI) reporter entered highly dangerous and life threatening Ahmedabad city in Gujarat. The brave reporter clicked few photos and wrote a big story showing the reality of the life in the worst city of India. Honouring the reporter, TOI covered his story on Saturday's front page.

"It was really life threatening experience for me. Nobody in India wants to go to terrible Ahmedabad. Every journalist fears about the barbarian Ahmedabad city and the way they kill innocent people, visitors and journalists. It is just like one of the dreaded cities in Somalia," said India's leading news paper Times Of India journalist Parth Shastri who covered one of the important news on Saturday.

Brave Reporter Parth Shastri

The journalist visited Ahmedabad, which is famous for communal violence and serial killings. Also the city is totally underdeveloped and the people there live in barbarian lifestyle. The city is one of the only few cities in Gujarat that is managed by 'maut ka saudagar' Narendra Modi, informed a source in the Indian media circle.

"I saw only few shopping malls and highways. There are hardly 10s of cinema theaters, also not all the people travel by cars. They use cheap public transport vehicles like buses, auto rickshaws and taxis. Such a dreadful lifestyle I haven't covered in my life. Just look at the story which I brought in front of the world, that one insane management of shopping mall charged 20 rupees from a minority community," said Shastri.

According to journalists association, no media reporter has ever visited Gujarat or specifically Ahmedabad since last 11 years due to fear of life. Therefore people of other parts of India were totally unaware about the situation in Gujarat. However, with the courage of Parth Shastri who covered in and out of Ahmedabad, the association believes that many people will now dare to go to Gujarat.

"That was really brave efforts, even media persons like Rajdeep and Barkha should learn few lessons from Parth. We salute Parth for visiting Ahmedabad and showing us barbarian act of Gujarat Government," said a press release of journalists association.

According to sources, TOI owner Vineet Jain personally recommended editor for covering the story on front page. UPA Government is planning to nominate Parth Shastri to Padma awards.

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