Published On:Thursday, 15 August 2013

New India decided on Independence Day Eve to be more abusive and radical against hypocrite and biased Indians

With a firm determination to change, the New India (a composition of young and old Indians) confirmed that it will be more and more abusive and radical towards 'people' who are biased and hypocrite. The people include politicians and media persons who for years fooled Indians living in old India.

"The significance of New India comes after the torture faced by Old India which didn't have access to social media and real time news and debates. The old India always deprived from the truthful news and firm opinions from the people who can talk reality. Lack of proper platform to debate and argue against the hypocrisy and lies was another issue. But today the New India has everything, it has thinking power, it has platform to debate and it has clever mind that differentiates good and evil. The new India is with a powerhouse that will never tolerate the hypocrisy showed by media journalists, powerful thinkers and stupid politicians," said Rajat Bedi, one of the representatives of new India.

The new India has also been alleged by great media journos like Rajdeep Sardesai that it is abusive and impatient which also led him to feel that now India is finished. Taking all the allegations as complements, Rajat Bedi said that the new India has to be abusive and radical as it has always been stopped from pointing out what was fair.

"We never saw a fair view point from media. The media which was courageous enough to cover Gujarat riots in 2002, showed its back when it came to Mumbai Azaad Maidaan riots, J&K Kishtwar issue and Assam riots. When the media has now answers and still wants to continue with same mechanism rather than change itself, it has to face the ire from this new India which is impatient for change," said Rajat Bedi.

He said that there was no sense talking about politicians which are by default statue-of-hypocrisy. He also firmly believes that abuse is nothing but the flow of torture that old India faced after the social pillars fooled them.

He said "I accept that new India is a bit abusive but I believe that it will continue. I feel the new India is a bit impatient for a change. It is waiting for better governance, full transparency and development. Till date all intellects accepted his dumbness now everyone has to acknowledge his speaking power." 

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