Published On:Friday, 16 August 2013

Pakistan to place a talking ‘parrot’ on LOC to continue talks with India

Pakistan has decided to put a talking parrot on Line of Control (LoC) for constantly indulging in talks with its neighbouring nation, India. The parrot is blessed with long life and will utter words like 'peace process', 'peace talks' and 'no terrorism', said Pakistan leaders.

"We want to get into peace talks with India forever. As our leaders are now bored with the same words and same promises we thought of putting a parrot who will ask for 'peace talks' every time some bomb blasts or terror attacks or even attacks from Pakistan military will take place," said Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

Sharif said "It's very boring thing these days talking same nonsense of peace process and fucking anti terrorism things. Therefore, we decided to try something new this time. First we condemned India in our Parliament and then we are going to put a parrot at LoC."

Nawaz Sharif informed India Satire correspondent that he is planning to send his personal monkey in the UN General Assembly meet where Manmohan Singh was personally planned to meet him.

"My monkey is a very smart ass and he is equipped with managing such kind of meetings. He will never get bored committing about peace with India," said Sharif.

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