Published On:Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Rahul Gandhi went into 'silent state of mind'

Disturbed by Pakistan army/terrorists attacks on Indian border, Congress Vice President has gone into silent state of mind, confirmed by Congress Party sources.

"He is trying to identify exactly who killed 5 Indian jawans, terrorists or Pakistan army. As soon as he comes out of his mind, we all will come to know who exactly attacked Indian military," said India's Defence Minister AK Antony.

However, according to close aide of Rahul, before going into the darkness of mind Rahul Gandhi said that all these attacks from Pakistan and China are just our state of mind and they actually never happened.

"He has bigger issues to understand," said the sources.

Antony, however denied it and said "That is not yet confirmed what he said before going into his mind. I think he must be revolving in his mind to find out terrorists in Pakistan army outfits attacked Indian soldiers."

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