Published On:Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Guide: How to pass time at home when curfew is on?

The India Satire brings to its readers in Muzaffarnagar a guide on passing time when curfew is on. This guide can be used as a reference material by all other people in India.

Things to do

·         Make up your mind to watch bullshit on TV like pro-women serials. India Satire recommends testing brain with psychiatrist if you watched serials on consistent basis whenever curfew is removed. Male chauvinists may cause headache for women.

·         Sleep till 10 am and watch movies that you have watched 1000 times. Abuse TV channels for showing repetitive movies and a lot of advertisements.

·         Call subordinates, lecture them on how to be devoted on work and reach office despite having curfew.

·         Nothing new in news papers. Just yawn while reading Manmohan's silence, Modi's shouts and Rahul's dumb speeches.

·         Discuss various political issues on phone.

·         Think how Akhilesh Yadav wasted precious time in your productive schedule during a small bit of rest in the afternoon.

·         Irritate while eating Khichadi almost everyday.


·         Rest till 10 -11 am.

·         Watch movies


·         Watching TV serials

·         Playing with kids

·         Eating same food everyday

·         Office boss is better than wife

·         Some people, particularly newlywed are overburdened with the work like cooking, cleaning and pampering their wife.

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