Published On:Thursday, 19 September 2013

Matrimonial sites to offer health insurance

Indian matrimonial sites such as, and are planning to offer free health insurance coverage to bride and groom. The offers will be a part of completing entire range of marriage related services.

"Health insurance is a byproduct of marriage and it is must required for both the bride and the groom," said Anupam Mittal of shaadi,com who is in talks with Reliance General Insurance for offering free health insurance scheme.

Experts said that the matrimonial sites are going to cover the married couple from the harmful impacts of marriage. The harmful impacts are out of rising tensions, ego problems and various other factors which create issues between the couple. According to few surveys, there is hardly any happily married couple found.

"This is a welcome step and I believe that it would be life saver too. Had it been with me 30 years back I would have got the greatest of treatments on my health after nuisance created by my wife. But doesn't matter, my son will use it," said Akhilesh Yadav, a resident of Lucknow who is willing to marry again if the facility is provided for his age.

According to sources, the government is planning to add a slogan with matrimonial sites that 'marriages are injurious to health'.

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