Published On:Monday, 30 September 2013

New clothes of Rahul Gandhi magnificently woven from best cotton of the world - Robert Malhotra

Shipped directly from Egypt and China, Rahul Gandhi is going to wear his new kurta and paijama in the upcoming rallies which will prove his mettle. The development is first reported by the India Satire, confirmed by 10 Janpath sources.

"Rahul Baba torn apart the earlier kurta woven by Indian handloom makers through India produced cotton after finding it rubbish. He said that it would degrade his image showing him some stupid person talking some nonsense," said 10 Janpath's fashion designer Robert Malhotra.

Robert Malhotra is only fashion designer who designs Congress Sonia Gandhi's sarees and Rahul's kurta and paijamas. He is the exclusive designer and never takes any outside work.

"My work is so special that whenever there is election rally, Priyankaji demands Madamji's sarees which exclusively designed by me. Even Rahulji loves my work. But that day after coming from 'ordinance' related press conference, Rahul Baba shouted at me. He said that what rubbish kind of clothes he was wearing till date. He said the cotton used for the fabric is so cheap and looks worthless on him degrading his image. He told me that nobody takes him seriously even if he was serious," said Robert "After that immediately he started tearing his kurta and paijama which he was wearing that time."

Robert said that the situation started worsening and he had to commit for better attention on his clothes.

Robert said "Finally, we decided to bring two varieties of clothes for Rahul. One firmly woven fabric from best Egypt made cotton for the reference to aam aadmi while China silk to lure the corporate and intellectual citizens of India."

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