Published On:Friday, 13 September 2013

Survey: More people view emails with ‘blank’ subject line

Almost 92% internet users confirmed that they view all emails which have blank subject line. American market research, analysis and advisory firm IDC revealed this shocking result in its recent internet survey.

"We have conducted an extensive survey among 12 million people across all the countries in the world and results are outstanding. 92% have always checked emails with no genuine subject mentioned in it," said IDC surveyor John Paul.

He said "Almost all of them have confirmed that they open emails with 'blank' subject just out of curiosity. Many of them even avoid viewing emails with some authentic subject. The idea is to avoid any kind of potential work, stress or irritation. However, blank subject emails actually increase their curiosity."

The survey finding will have a significant impact on internet marketing, phishing and illegal sites promotion industry.

"The finding is in line with my earlier statement that more than 90% internet users in the world are dumb," said PCI Chairman Markandeya Katju.

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