Published On:Monday, 14 October 2013

Caring new office girl finally dumps boss by calling him ‘uncle’

A recently joined 23 year old trainee who was also extra caring and funny towards her boss finally dumped him by calling 'Uncle' after she received her permanent letter, said the office sources. The sources confirmed that the boss was happiest person for last 3 months of her probation.

"I was a happiest person in the world when she showed her extra care, her love and affection towards me which neither my wife nor my mummy ever showed. She was a bit pushy towards my health and habits, watching films and going to restaurants for a perfect dinner. Whenever I was with her I saw jealousy in the eyes of others, including my staff. That period was so beautiful that I really started thinking about how I would manage 2 wives or would I require divorcing my earlier one. But now my dreams are shattered in pieces," confirmed boss.

Boss said with wet eyes "How can she ridicule me by calling uncle? Just till yesterday she used to address me directly by my name and today when I gave her permanent letter she told me 'Thank you uncle' (throat choked)."

According to sources, few office boys and back office staff which had a close watch on the developments immediately started attracting that loving and caring girl. The sources also confirmed that the perception of the staff towards boss also changed. Few over aged aunties these days started giving him extra care.

"The boy sits next to her has gotten a decent chance since he was a funny and also with deep pockets," said peon Ram Prasad who also tried his luck but couldn't succeed.

He said "I am a decent family man and don't get involved in all these kind of stupid things."

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