Published On:Monday, 14 October 2013

Sanjay Dutt to get Pension and Provident Fund after completion of his jail

Actor Sanjay Dutt — who has is currently out on a 14-day furlough from Yerawada Central Jail — has received a 14-day extension, for a health vacation. Jail authorities confirmed that Dutt is eligible for this kind of 28 days leave in every three to six months.

"We don't want it to make a situation that people will scare to come to jail. It is a very friendly place and people can come and go anytime, enjoy the work atmosphere and get income benefits as well. After this move, Sanjay Dutt will be a classic example for the nation which has created unnecessary propaganda against the jail," said Jail Constable Sameer Kamble.

Kamble said "Dutt is not in imprisonment but he is a working fellow as like others. So he is eligible for the leave as other workers. We are also going to give him retirement benefits as and when he will complete his duty in next 2.5 years."

According to sources, Sanjay Dutt will get pension of Rs 1500 per month and PF of Rs1.25 Lakh which would help him to live a comfortable retirement life. It will also help him to secure his life if his kids kick on his ass and throw him out of his house, said sources.

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