Published On:Monday, 11 November 2013

India to implement land acquisition law on Mars

As Mangalayan is set to launch itself on the land of Mars, the Government of India released a notification seeking suggestions from public bodies over implementation of Land Bill on the red planet.

"We have always blamed for policy paralysis and late implementation of Law. But this time we are correct and as fast as possible," said Joint Secretary of Law Ministry, Atul Kaushik.

The government asked all public bodies which include all the politicians, rich farmers, foreign funded NGOs and experts like Robert Vadra and corporate houses like DLF to give their valuable recommendations. According to sources, a shell company promoted by Robert Vadra has started looking out opportunities on Mars. The sources confirmed that he bought 1 lakh acre of land on Mars in his first phase of interplanetary business game plan. The sources confirmed that Vadra has officially registered himself as farmer on Mars and one can locate him through NASA's pictures.

"We are very clear here that whoever would be the owner of land on Mars, he should get decent remuneration," said Kaushik.

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