Published On:Monday, 11 November 2013

Rahul Gandhi to spread awareness against Dengue and Malaria in his public rallies

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi has decided to dedicate a special session in his public rallies over rising instances of Dengue and Malaria. According to sources, Rahul will give a full public speech for one hour making people aware about the dangers of diseases like dengue and malaria, which are spread by dirty and unclean BJP mosquitoes.

"Rahul Baba will give a full public speech over Dengue and Malaria in the states where BJP leads," said a party worker from Madhya Pradesh.

He said "Rahul will personally tell people how mosquitoes released by NDA Government spread these dangerous diseases. He will sing a song and make few moves and gestures like slapping hands on his different body parts, suggesting how to kill these mosquitoes. Entire one hour in his rally will be dedicated to this social awareness program."

Rahul Gandhi who earlier had killed millions of mosquitoes in Madhya Pradesh decided to create awareness among the people by asking them to move their hands fast to kill each of them so that chances of dengue and malaria decline. The sources said he would show how he used Congress' panja (his palm) to kill mosquitoes. Replica of his both panjas would be distributed among the party workers and Congress supporters through these public rallies.

"Rahul has shown immense amount of social responsibility by sacrificing a major part of his public speech to dengue and malaria. Congress and Gandhi family always believed in sacrifices," said Congress Spokesperson Sanjay Jha.

Another senior leader, Digvijay Singh tweeted "While Rahul is distributing panjas to kill mosquitoes what Hitler Modi is doing."

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