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Sanjay Jha compared 'Time Magazine’ with ‘The New York Times’

BJP's PM candidate Narendra Modi is shortlisted by Time Magazine as candidates for its 'Person of the Year' title and has emerged as an early favourite among the readers in an online poll. Time has shortlisted 42 global leaders, entrepreneurs and celebrities for its 'Person of the Year 2013' and will announce the winner next month. Congress leader and most thoughtful person ever rated by Dale Carnegie Institute, Sanjay K Jha compared UK's Time magazine with USA's news paper The New York Times just like he earlier compared Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi.

"Time Magazine is highly professional and business minded magazine. It is trying to bank upon the Modi's futile popularity among few corporate entities and communal jerks. As a Congress spokesperson, I will only say that Time Magazine is RSS funded while The New York Times represents liberal mentality of people and appeals to the masses just like my earlier comparison between Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi."

By Sanjay Jha

- Isn't the choice obvious?

The New York Times vs Time Magazine – The Choice Is obvious


The New York Times






The New York Times best represents experience and knowledge

What is this?

News Paper


Reading magazine is 15 days job therefore it has no mass appeal like daily news paper, no doubt NYT has bigger and better audience

Current Profile

Reads everybody in the world, including aam aadmi

Only elitist people in the UK reads it and communal as well as industrialists like this magazine

One has a presence in common people, the other is a regional tabloid albeit a powerful one.

People Philosophy

Only covers democratic, secular, liberal, pro-poor and anti-Modi people with ease

Endorses autocratic, parochial , fascist, pro-rich and pro-Modi people

Time magazine is under the influence of RSS and promotes Hitler like ideologies. While The NYT only endorse peace loving secular and liberal people like Rahul and Tarun Tejpal

Relationships with critics

Respects all the critics,  keeps itself low-profile, writes critical articles on communalism, Modi and Sachin Tendulkar. Endorses good people like Tarun Tejpal and avoid writing about Rahul so that he would not get any wrong popularity

Never cares about critics and always endorses fanatics and radical hindus as well as RSS guys, last year it was Anna Hazare this year it is Narendra Modi

Time seems to be careless about poor critics. It is desperate attempt of RSS to push Modi.


Uses very sophisticated language which is easy for understanding of masses

Writes in gibrish. For example it will write in English 'Narendra Modi - Man of the Year' while whatever rest has written, one can't understand

Language reflects purity and reason for wider reach. NYT scores here while Time remains behind.


Free for secular and intellectuals

Exorbitant charges for secular

It reflects how much Time magazine thinks for poor secular people


Sabka Haat NYT ke Saath, represents Congress Party of USA

No ethic as there is no Congress Party in Britain

Recently, Congress Party pulled down US Government for raising unnecessary funds and shut down the country. UK doesn't have any Congress Party and therefore no control over media's pro-communalism

Respect for law

Fully, US government banned Modi

UK government recently said that it wants Modi to visit UK

Time magazine's respect for law stems from its government's respect towards law. Here also NYT scores to Time

Sprit of Leadership

Supported India's food security bill, US' healthcare bill, calls Modi as a communal person

Pro business and therefore never covers pro poor policies, favors Modi

There is no spirit left in Time. Will it leave its path of communalism?

Lust for power

Never supported Modi or any political leader from communal fraternity

Supported Modi by endorsing him on its magazine cover

You judge this for yourself!!!

Marital Status


Married; but  pretends otherwise

Immoral, unethical personal conduct (ah sorry… THIS POINT I WAS NOT ABLE TO REMOVE)

Development credo

Accepts Narendra Modi a communal and polarising figure

Pushing Narendra Modi for Person of the Year Award, instead of Rahul Gandhi creates doubts about its intentions

Modi alters  facts and figures to suit his own political ends. Highly unprofessional and questionable


For past 160 years, kya ye kuch bhi ukhaad nahi raha tha?


NYT has set many milestones

Vision of the future

Put intelligent people as young force like Sanjay K Jha, Ajay Maken and Shashi Tharoor

Communal India

NYT's vision encompasses all secular Indians, Modi's is at best blurred and bigoted


NYT believes in Mahatma Gandhi's principles. It is soft spoken, focused, raises fundamental issues and speaks from its heart.

Non inclusive, focus on business community

NYT always supported productive issues with inclusiveness while Time never said that

Frankly despite the cacophonous rabble-rousers, turbo-charged PR machinery , slavish Sunday columnists and immaculate market "positioning", how can a magazine like Time even contemplate Narendra Modi as a Person of the Year ever???

I rest my case. Your call.

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