Published On:Thursday, 19 December 2013

Communist Parties condemn Arnab Goswami for not calling them frequently on News Hour debate, will announce nationwide agitation

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Both the Communist parties, Communist Party of India (CPI) and Communist Party of India, Marxist (CPM) registered their agitation against Times Now Editor in Chief Arnab Goswami for not calling them frequently on the show. The party leaders wrote a letter by hands to Times Group Chairman Vineet Jain requesting him to personally look after the issue.

"That's ridiculous. How can this guy ignore us while we still have huge influence on Indian democracy? We guys are in the process of forming a Third Front, but he totally ignores us like we are extinct species," said Sitaram Yechuri, a communist leader.

He said "This kind of capitalist approach is not tolerable in the socialist country like India. We demand 20% seats for communist leaders in every Times Now's News Hour debate."

According to source, both the communist parties are frustrated by the facts that they are ignored by the entire media and never received adequate publicity. They believe that it was the conspiracy of capitalist parties like Congress and BJP joining hands with media channels and both these parties have booked their seats for life time. The source also confirmed that coming on to Times Now will give them immediate publicity in Indians.

TOI Group Chief Vineet Jain confirmed about the letter however, he said he couldn't read it properly as it was hand written and requested to send it through email if communist leaders could type.

"I received that letter. Mota moti what I learnt was they wanted to participate in News Hour quite frequently. They wish to become popular and want also to reply Arnab Goswami. I have asked Arnab to look into the matters and don't behave in capitalist way," said Jain.

Communist parties confirmed that they want to talk about the golden era of India from 1960 to 1990 when crores of people were hungry and poor. They also want to talk about the period when they used to call worker strikes every day and allow people to seat and rest at home.

"That was the best period in my life," said Prakash Karat, CPM leader.

Karat said "If this guy Arnab Goswami will not call us on his TV show then we will announce nationwide protest against the channel and will ask entire nation to switch off television sets from 9pm onwards."

(This is a promotional effort of Times Now news channel)

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