Published On:Saturday, 7 December 2013

What WTO deal is for you?

The World Trade Organization (WTO) reached its first ever trade reform deal on Saturday after the approval from nearly 160 ministers who had gathered on the Indonesian island of Bali to decide on the make-or-break agreement that could add $1tn to the global economy.
So what the deal means for you
¨      Now India will have unnecessary sense of pride and will tell you that it is its diplomatic win.
¨      India can start bullying other developing countries, asking them to come with any issue to be resolved with developed countries.
¨      No change in the perspective about India in the eyes of developed countries. It is still old India which can push for stupid food security bill.
¨      Now you can buy onions for 3 dollars per kg insteady of costly 80 rupees per kg.
¨      Trade and Commerce Minister Anand Sharma can now portray himself as Indian Nelson Mandela. No matter the difference of actual wisdom.
¨      You will get more opportunity to earn cute black money and open an account in any beautiful Swiss bank.
¨      Aam aadmi will get free document of WTO deal agreement on Indian ministry pages to read and understand the nitty gritties; others will have to download and needs to print it.
¨      Anand Sharma confirmed that he has not shown the document to Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi to confirm it whether it is stupid or not.
¨      Finally, you are not going to get anything. So who will get something? Ask Sharad Pawar.

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