Published On:Monday, 6 January 2014

Alok Nath joins Aam Aadmi Party

Alok Nath jokes

After many prominent personalities from the industry, Bollywood saint and actor Alok Nath joined Aam Aadmi Party today. This has seen a major blow to Narendra Modi and BJP as Alok Nath will bring with him all the sanskari population to AAP.

"Alok Nath represents 98% sanskari Indians i.e. almost all sanskari people will support Alok Nath in his dream to create sanskari India. Now as he has joined AAP, we expect him to bring immense sanskari power in the party. He holds all the global patents of sanskar, samajh and sambandh," said Yogendra Yadav in a public statement.

When asked how many Indians are sanskari, Yadav said "100% serial watching Indians are sanskari but are not interested in fighting corruption. Therefore after Alok Nath's joining in AAP, we believe that we will be able to win their confidence and add them to fight against the corruption."

Alok Nath has a dream of creating sanskari Bharat, where all samdhijis and samdhanjis will live ever after, where everybody will always remain virgin and where sex and wine will be totally abolished. People will start drinking gangajal instead of Coca Cola and visit temples before getting into work. He also wants India in which a person will bear tension of 'kanyadaan' from his birth and therefore will remain always bald. According to sources, 80% TV watching population share Alok Nath's dream and therefore his entry in AAP will bring votes of this population to AAP.

"Alok Nath's entry in AAP itself is an indication that AAP and its Chief Kejriwal, leaders like me, Prashant Bhushan and Kumar Vishwas are all sanskaris," said Yadav.

Alok Nath's entry in AAP has seen a major blow to Narendra Modi, according to experts. The experts said that whatever small population wanted to vote Modi in upcoming general elections will now vote AAP.

"I think people will now have no reason to vote Modi, as India's sanskari people will move to AAP. I think now nobody can stop AAP to win 400 seats (AAP to context from 400 Lok Sabha seats)," said Outlook Editor Vinod Mehta while slurping whisky in the one hand.

When asked will it not a major blow to Rahul Gandhi, Mehta said "Where is Rahul in Modi and Kejriwal's fight?"

Talking to reporters, Alok Nath said "I always felt Arvind Kejriwal as my samdhiji. I thought I should empower AAP with my aashirwad and make it bearable to people by inducting sanskars and therefore I have decided to join AAP. By the way (asking Arvind Kejriwal), have you announce AAP's prime ministerial candidate?"

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