Published On:Thursday, 2 January 2014

Data: 35% people yawned while PM Dr. Manmohan Singh was giving speech

Manmohan Singh speech

The immediate data revealed by government on audience reaction to Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh's speech says that 35% people immediately yawned and continued to give yawn throughout the speech. It said that 65% made faces that they already knew what Manmohan Singh was going to talk about. The similar number was continued to maintain their straight faces showing no surprises from the PM's speech. The data also revealed that 10% people showed amazement about PM's speech. They literally surprised over the content of PM's speech and made faces like they are awfully surprised.

According to UPA government, the data suggests that despite a big number of yawners, there are many people who actually concentrated on the PM's speech which is a huge success to the UPA's policies.

Prime Minister congratulated nation after the data released and said that he was happy that people actually knew what he was going to talk about.

"I am pleasantly surprised with the astonishing number of people who knew what I was going to tell in the speech. This is the success of UPA Government's emphasis on transparency over the years," said Dr. Manmohan Singh in his statement.

The data is yet to reveal that how many number of people actually understood what he wanted to say.

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