Published On:Sunday, 26 January 2014

Pappu's penis rose while watching Jai ho

In a shocking incident that may rock India, Pappu Pandey's penis stood up while watching Salman Khan starrer Jai ho. The development was confirmed by Pappu Pandey himself and told the India Satire correspondent that even he was very much upset with the entire incident and felt embarrassed and totally devastated.

"I was watching Jai ho, trying to connect all the incidences and story line. However, after an hour I realised that my penis was expanded and stood up like a rock. I was totally embarrassed from that unrelated reaction of my secret tool and kept watching the movies until the storm slows down," said Pappu Pandey, confessing the entire event was highly disturbing and embarrassing for him.

According to the experts in the medical profession that researches mind and movie correlation, the movie had highly uncorrelated scenes, characters, storyline and every other thing which was resulted in such an unwanted event in Pappu's life. The experts confirmed that the reaction of Pappu Pandey's penis was not natural but the result of his brain's confusion on what was happening on the screen.

"Such things happen when you see so many unconnected scenes. In that movie even I could not understand the relationships of the characters and reasonability of the events. So much cluttered scenes. There was no correlation between any event, characters, storyline and the entire script. In that case a confused brain sends confusing signals which reflect in the weird actions of movie watcher," said Dr. Mishra.

Mishra confirmed that he had hit his head on the other person's head, seating just next to him in a seriously blood chilling reaction to the film.

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