Published On:Monday, 10 February 2014

Breaking News: Narendra Modi learned public speaking from Sanjay Jha's Dale Carnegie Training Institute

Narendra Modi achieved great oratory skills at dale Carnegie

BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi has confirmed that he took public speaking course at Dale Carnegie Training Institute of India. Dale Carnegie's India operation is headed by senior Congress leader and spokesperson Sanjay Jha. Modi said that his great oratory skills and drama behavior were the result of Dale Carnegie's high grade coaching.

"Dale Carnegie institute gradually instilled confidence in me otherwise I was a kind of shy person. Honorable, Sanjay Jha personally gave me coaching and ensured that I become first grade orator. Though, I am still not able to give speech the way Jha gives I know one day I will become like him. I suggest my third grade third front friends to join Sanjay Jha's Dale Carnegie Institute to advance to first grade position," said Narendra Modi in an exclusive interview with India Satire correspondent.

He told the correspondent "Earlier I was a kind of shy person, fearing the performance on stage and whenever I went on the stage not a single word I could speak. Then I joined Sanjay Jha's Dale Carnegie Training Institute, which recognised gem in me and found that my talent was hidden by dust of lack of self esteem and courage. They told me don't worry just fight the low confidence in you and learn Dale Carnegie's course, you will become the great orator like Sanjay Jha himself."

Modi said that personal touch of Jha was the major reason why these days he has reached to greater heights of Indian politics in terms of his oratory skills. He also confirmed that Sanjay Jha always kept himself a low profile youth Congress leader with lesser aspirations.

"He lacks any motive in this world and has only intent is to implant confidence of public speaking in every other person in the world. He always used to tell me ‘Modi, ordinary people with aspirations to become PM are millions but the guy like me who only wants to craft PM is only one’. He always remained as a small youth Congress leader helping other Congress workers to talk with confidence," said Narendra Modi.

When India Satire correspondent reached Sanjay Jha, he said "I don't like to cajole myself on every small subject. I am bit a shy on that front. It was Dale Carnegie's great curriculum that helped Mr. Modi learning self confidence and high grade oratory skills."

When asked whether Congress Party not clogged him from coaching Modi on oratory skills, Jha said "Under Rahulji’s influence the Congress Party is the most democratic party in the world. Just like Abhishek Manu Singhvi fighting against Bhopal gas tragedy people, Kapil Sibal's son fighting for Vodafone, I have my professional mania. If somebody is paying my fees then I am going to guide him. One should separate politics from business."

According to sources, Sanjay Jha has learnt all these oratory skills from Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi.

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