Published On:Friday, 14 February 2014

Nancy Powell assures 'Best Actor' award to Narendra Modi

US ambassador to India Nancy Powell has assured BJP's Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi for Oscar award in best acting category. Powell held a 30-minute meeting with the Gujarat chief minister at his official residence in the state capital Gandhinagar — first high-profile contact between the two sides after 2005 when Washington revoked Modi’s visa.

"We have a very healthy discussion on the current developments in India. I congratulated Mr. Modi about his ever rising popularity and better acting skills," said Powell "He is too good whenever he makes emotional gestures and shows his expressions in a very natural way. It requires tremendous amount of talent and great command over acting. The US has recognised that talent and therefore we have decided to give him best actor award in the next year's Oscar."

Powell confirmed that the US government and Narendra Modi signed a knowledge sharing pact under which Narendra Modi would supply the technology of tackling Congress (for readers: Congress is not political party in US like that is in India but it is stubborn house, however, according to Powel both could be tackled in similar ways) while the US will approve his Visa and would give him Academy award as a honour to his great acting talents and rising popularity in India.

"We have signed an agreement and assured him that he would get next year's award in acting category. In return, he would supply a technology for tackling mulish US Congress to President Barack Obama," said Powell.

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