Published On:Sunday, 11 May 2014

Arvind Kejriwal promises to perform 'ramba samba ho' if Narendra Modi wins from Varanasi

Irritated with same questions that would Narendra Modi win the Varanasi seat or even BJP makes the final victory in its name, Aam Aadmi Party Chief Arvind Kejriwal told India Satire correspondent that if Narendra Modi wins he will perform salsa dance on the tunes of 'ramba samba ho'.
"Boss! How many times I suppose to answer you guys that he will never win Varanasi seat and BJP will not make more than 170 seats? Now the paid media journalists like you continue to ask me same question. I have only one answer if both my predictions fell short, I will perform salsa on the tunes of 'ramba samba ho' with only my towel on," said Arvind Kejriwal in an agitated reply to the India Satire correspondent.
According to Kejriwal's internal estimate that has been certified by independent analyst Yogendra Yadav, Narendra Modi is not going to win more than 120 votes in Varanasi seat and that he has already clarified to media some 100 days back. However, media's insistence on the same answer has irritated him and as an agitation he told that he is ready to perform ramba samba ho, said a source close to Kejriwal.
"Arvind never lie. He will take oath of anybody's child, wife, parents and neighbour to prove his truth. If he says that he will do salsa, he will do it. My dream is to see him on PM's chair," said Yogendra Yadav.

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