Published On:Thursday, 8 May 2014

Narendra Modi to address himself after elections

Habitual of 4-5 speeches every day, BJP's PM candidate Narendra Modi has decided to address himself every day after elections are over to maintain his ongoing tempo.

"I don't believe that people will listen to me even after elections. But now I am so much habitual of creating drama, making promises, showing dreams of developments, catching Gandhi parivar and regional parties that now I can't stay quiet, as like Manmohanji. Therefore, my team has suggested me to give 2-3 speeches to myself daily, post elections," said Narendra Modi in an exclusive interview to the India Satire correspondent.

Modi confirmed that though it was hectic schedule and very stressful too, he enjoyed that gossiping behavior of himself, drama creation and great Oscar winning acting. He wanted to continue that temperament for next few years. He has completed hundreds of rallies during the last one month.

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