Published On:Friday, 23 May 2014

Pakistan Government announces bounty on Arnab Goswami

After the suicidal attempt of two renowned personalities in Pakistan, Syed Tariq Peerzada and Zafar Hilaly after a humiliating interview on Times Now News Hour, Pakistan Government has decided to act tough against India's most popular journalist and Chief Editor of Times Now Arnab Goswami. The government has announced 50 million Pakistani rupees as a reward for telling correct address of Arnab Goswami who is roaming free on the streets of India. Pakistani government officials confirmed that whoever will catch Arnab, either dead or alive or will at least give his address will get the reward money in cash after deducting taxes.

"As a sensible and law abiding nation, Pakistan has always been against all the vocal kind of terrorism. Just 2 days back two of our extremely important and intelligent nationals attempted suicide after they had verbal fight with Arnab Goswami on some news hour kind of program. How the hell he fucked up their brains by constantly hammering verbal mace on their heads literally for more than half an hour! Even I saw that fucking program, Allah! The way he was torturing our Peerzada was unbelievable. That guy is bald but I felt like Goswami was pulling out whatever some blackheads remained on that fucking brainless bald skull. It was sheer horrible scene and I can imagine how much trouble Peerzada faced," said Pakistan's interior minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan.

Khan blamed the entire suicidal attempt by Peerzada and Hilaly solely on Arnab Goswami and told India Satire correspondent "We are against all kind of verbal terrorist activities that humiliates us, embarrasses us and creates unease amongst us in front of camera. Forget unease but this terrorist Arnab is guilty of making us feel low and disgusted in front of people of India. How ridiculous that when he sucks our brain while yelling and posting uneasy truth on our heads by constant shouting? That is fuckingly irritating. How could he put senseless comments like Pakistan never won the war against India and we are backward nation while our history books educate something else to Pakistanis. A real honoured and proud Pakistani would like Peerzada and Hilaly would never come out of that shock." 

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